Podiatric Pathology Services


At Bako Pathology Services we offer a full spectrum of anatomic pathology testing with specialization in dermatopathology, bone pathology, and pathology of the soft tissue. We pride ourselves on working overtime to see that our reports are not only concise, but also offer clinicians information that will help them optimize their practices’ efficiency. We know that clinicians expect pathology reports to provide them with pertinent documentation and whether reviewing a skin biopsy, a hemiphalangectomy, or a neuroma excision, we take that obligation seriously.


At Bako Pathology Services we believe that part of our job as your pathology lab is to make your professional lives easier wherever we can. In this vein we are creating a library of forms, images, and documents which we hope will help you in the management of your patients. Our image library is largely a collection of images sent by our valued clients. We believe that sharing such experiences will in time benefit us both individually and as a profession. Please download and or print the attached forms and documents for use in your own podiatric practices.

Additional Services